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James “KJ” Abrams is the Owner

and CEO of O & O (ONE AND ONLY).

What's Your Story?

About statement

KJ is a double alumnus at Spalding University, earning his Masters Degree in Business Communication of Organizational Leadership. Life began to really hit KJ when he was in college. Suffering from deep depression, KJ thought about taking his own life. One day as he was scrolling through his Instagram page, he found two quotes that changed his life.

1. Train your mind to see positivity in every situation.

2. Be the role model that you needed when you were younger.

From that day forward Mr. Abrams stopped taking his antidepressant medication and learned to lean and trust in on the Lord. He soon turned his pain into a positive work of art, creating O & O. O & O is short for One And Only.


It is a 5 segment brand:

1. Sports/Urban wear clothing

2. Financial Literacy 

3. Community

4. Sports

5. Entertainment


The mission of One and Only is to promote positivity, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to all while embracing their own uniqueness.

The vision for One And Only is to create a diverse platform of opportunities for all to showcase their skills and talents.

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