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James “KJ” Abrams, MSBC Owner & CEO

What's Your Story?

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Clothing On Purpose

The Power of Faith, Prayer, and Belief can help overcome depression.

In 2015, KJ Abrams suffered from depression from being evicted twice, from the passing of his step mom who saved his life by taking a bullet for him as a young child, from the passing of his aunt who was helping me pay for his college education, and from everything else that life was throwing at him.

One day, after going to the doctor and discussing his depression mood swings and suicidal thoughts, the doctor prescribed him antidepressant medication. KJ started to take the medication until a thought came across his mind. "Why am I taking this antidepressant medication that's making me think that it's helping me but in reality it's not." I came across two quotes that helped change my life.

1. Train your mind to see positivity in every situation.

2. Be the role model that you needed when you were younger.

KJ then created One And Only, a 5 segment brand. The 5 segment brand helped take KJ mind off being depressed and it is something that he enjoy doing.


It is a 5 segment brand:

1. Sports/Urban wear clothing

2. Financial Literacy 

3. Community

4. Sports

5. Entertainment


O & O Mission:

To promote positivity, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to all while embracing their own uniqueness.

O & O Vision:

To create a diverse platform of opportunities for all to showcase their skills and talents.

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